General Operating Procedures

March 2011
Amended 6-1-2018

The general purpose of these procedures is to provide the Board of Directors a guide to the day-to-day operations of the club and to provide continuity between the past and present leadership.

Club Meal Co-Pay

The AACC will pay ½ of meal costs at regular meetings for members only.

Door Prizes

In lieu of door prizes, a drawing will be held of all members present who drove an old car to the meeting and four members will be given a voucher that is for a free meal at the regular meeting from January 1st thru November 30th.

Meeting Host

The AACC will reimburse up to $125.00 to the host to help defray food costs for a monthly meeting where 25 or fewer members are in attendance. An additional $4.00 will be reimbursed to the host for each person over the number of 25. Each member is requested to bring a food item to share with other members.

Club Dues and Renewals

Renewals are $10.00 per year. New membership dues are $20.00. No renewals will be accepted after April 1st of the new business year. All applications received after March 31st, new or renewal, will be considered “new memberships” and subject to the $20.00 new membership fee.

Christmas Party

The annual Christmas Party shall be free for all members working 2 shifts at the Pate Swap Meet or a minimum of 6 hours at any other income producing activity for the Club and ½ price for all other Club members. Guests shall pay full price.

Club Jackets

Club jackets can only be earned by working 2 shifts at the Pate Swap Meet or a minimum of 6 hours at any other income producing activity for the Club. There shall be NO exceptions. There shall be only one jacket per member unless lost, stolen or worn out. A member may earn a jacket for his or her spouse. New members and members who have not previously earned a jacket will be given first choice for Pate work. A jacket will be given whether there is work available or not as long as the member was scheduled and shows up for a minimum of two shifts. However, if work is offered and the member refuses, no jacket will be awarded.


The President has the option to appoint members to committees to assist in Club operations. Some of these appointments may be:

  • Tour Director
  • Door Prize chairperson
  • Sunshine chairperson
  • Nominating


The club will purchase 20 spaces at Pate as follows

  • 8 for general club use i.e. cooking, carts, port-a-potty, etc.
  • 4 for Pate Director
  • 4 for Pate Alternates – currently 2 alternates

Any additional spaces purchased by the club are offered to the membership at cost or returned to Pate for credit for next year’s meet.

The AACC will provide lunch Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to any AACC member that is working shifts at Pate.

Pate Director and Alternate

The Pate Director or alternate shall NOT vote to remove any members from Pate without prior approval of the AACC Board of Directors and without approval from the AACC membership.

The Pate Director and Alternate shall be reimbursed actual costs up to $50.00 each for regular PATE meetings and actual costs up to $100.00 each for the combined meeting which coincides with the Pate Swap Meet.

Charitable Contributions and Scholarships

Charitable contributions and Scholarships will be considered on an annual basis based on funds available as of the October Treasurer’s Report.  All requests must be submitted by a club member to the Vice President during the month of July each year.  These requests will be reviewed by the board and a recommendation of amount and those covered will be presented to the membership at the October meeting.  These checks will be presented to the recipients at a club event no later than January of the following year.


Guidelines for expenditures for Sunshine from the Club shall be:

  • Illness:  When a member or spouse is at home or one day surgery – Get Well Card
  • Death/Funeral:  When a member or spouse passes either flowers to the funeral home or a monetary memorial – $75.00 limit
  • Death/Funeral:  When a member ‘s or spouse’s immediate family member passes– Sympathy Card

Informing the Sunshine chairperson of any illness, hospitalization, or death so cards, flowers or a memorial can be sent in a timely fashion is the responsibility of any and all club members as they become aware of the situation.

Effective Date: March 2011