December Newsletter 2019

Happy Holidays to each and every member of our club. I hope you all have a great
Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. I hope that wherever you are during the holidays,
it is a great time for you and your family.  So, let me start by giving you my opinion of
where the club is today. A sort of “my state  of the union” on Austin Area Car Club.
We are coming up on our December Christmas party so I thought it fitting to see if
we are all sharing the same feeling. A year has passed for me as your President.
It has gone by so quickly. I have some good thoughts and some on which I need to improve.
As a club we have had a good year. We toured Nyle Maxwell’s car emporium of a great
collection. We pulled off a last-minute car show at VFW and made some money.


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