Newsletter, August 2018

Austin Area Car Club President’s Message – August 2018

Your Club Needs You

There are three major areas where your club needs you.

Meetings and activities – It is important that as a club member you participate in the various meetings and activates during the year. This is a great way for the club to better understand you and what you are expecting as a member. It is also a great chance for to you to visit with other club members and share stories about the old car hobby.

Officers – The officers are responsible for the overall management and affairs of the club. Every organization needs good leadership and to keep fresh thoughts a change in leadership can be a good thing. The club currently has a great group of officers but like anyone else, getting a break is always welcomed. Any member is eligible to run for office. If you are interested or know someone that is please let Dan Reisem, the Chairman of the Nominating committee, know by October 31st. Elections will be at the November meeting.

Pate – The Pate Swap meet is our largest revenue generating activity and if the Kruse Auction does not come to Austin this year, Pate maybe our only revenue generating activity. I know there have been discussions about looking into other sources of revenue but they will also require folks to help out. At Pate this year we had fantastic support from the folks that showed up, however, because of the small turn out of fellow club members, folks were working double and triple shifts which can make for long and very tiring days. Speaking of your club needing you, we have 2 major opportunities available. Steve Kohen the current Pate Director is stepping down. These will be big shoes to fill as Steve and Pat have been making Pate a success for the club for the past 10 years. Steve and Pat, thanks again, for a job well done! The other opportunity is for the Pate Alternate. Bob Deets and Bryan Craven have shared this chair for the last three years and have decided to step down too. Thank you for your dedication and service. The next Pate meeting will be in September, I think it is important that the club fill these positions prior to that meeting. Again, this is your club and right now we need some folks to step up.
Next Meeting – The next meeting will be at Dick’s Garage on the 1st Sunday of – August 5th, hope to see you there.

Regards, Steve and Carol

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